The outstanding abilities of our lawyers and their participation in some of the most complex and challenging judicial cases, insolvency procedures, provide them with the opportunity to achieve a high degree of effectiveness when defending their clients' interest, notwithstanding the legal standing of the latter. Practically, we have presented creditors, as well as debtors, or third parties who are interested to acquire an insolvent commercial enterprise. We have performed and we are able to provide:

• legal consultations and representation in insolvency proceedings
• planning, initiation and conducting insolvency procedures
• assistance to creditors in filing claims
• debt rescheduling
• drafting and proposing of recovery plan
• assistance for preserving and collecting the property of the insolvent one
• sale of the insolvent company as a commercial enterprise, as well as acquisition of such company
• corporate restructuring of indebted companies
• creation of recovery plans
• procedural representation before the insolvency court
• communication and negotiations with other creditors and with the debtor